Student Reflections – June 25

27 06 2010

A Day at Toyota

by Sergio Calix

We started our day by going to the Toyota Industries. It is about an hour drive from Nagoya and our guide Yayo took us there. The Toyota representatives hosted us and gave us a cool toy Prius to remember our visit. They showed us a really interesting video on how Toyota has expanded from building steel-based trucks to cars that run on electricity. Their main focus right now is creating cars that are environmental friendly and that are customized for the increasingly elderly population.

Then we went to the factory were they make the Prius. It is truly an impressive assembly line system. They explained to us the various detailed steps that it takes to create a car. At this plant, they design, test, manufacture and produce the new and upcoming Prius. We learned how Toyota has become a leader in green technology and it is expanding globally. It was interesting to see where the cars that we saw arrive at the Port of Long Beach came from. It was trip in which we saw at first-hand how international business works and how it is expanding. Unfortunately, we had to leave promptly because we needed to catch the bullet train back to Tokyo. Nagoya is a beautiful city, and I definitely would come back here.




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