Student Reflections – June 20

23 06 2010

Traveling to Hiroshima from Tokyo – a five hour trip!

Hiroshima: Interconnected Countries

by Isabel Duenas

The train ride to Hiroshima was a smooth one. We were here before we knew it, ready to explore a place with so much history. We made it to the hotel and immediately after checking in we began our journey to the Hiroshima Castle. As we walked through the streets, I could not believe that we were in a place that had been completely turned to ashes by an atomic bomb that continues to link America and Japan together. I observed the large buildings and was amazed by the history which although devastating presents a story of re-creation and success.

Yushi Yamazaki, Ph.D. student in American Studies and Ethnicity in USC College, eating a hearty meal in his home country.

After checking into the hotel, we walked through the beautiful city into the peaceful space that is the Hiroshima Castle. Immediately there was a sense of peace and quiet. Yet there were also huge buildings surrounding us, creating juxtaposition between the pre-war castle and post-war buildings. We all agreed that this is one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen during our entire trip. And as I anticipate our trip to the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial tomorrow, I know that while we have tried to prepare mentally, the experience of visiting these locations will be much more emotional and stirring than we could imagine.




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